Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Egg Tempera

Here is another portrait restart. Using the same mask from yesterday, I sponged on six layers of transparent yellow ochre and titanium white, giving me a lighter base that my previous exercise.

Unlike prior sessions, I maintained a batch of mixes to keep moving between ranges. I am slowly tuning into the particulars of each pigment. For instance, Burnt Sienna is a surprisingly powerful pigment. I'm realizing how the tiniest amount can make a big difference.

Because of the 90 to 100 degrees temperatures I have been using the air conditioner. These pigments can dry out in no time so I must spritz regularly.

Here is a couple of hours work. It's a bit frustrating but I am learning. I feel like a juggler trying to keep ten balls in the air at once! Gradually, I am sure with continued practice that my rhythm will come together. Until then, I must beat the critic down! :-)

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