Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cornell Week 2 Review

Well, I've certainly been delinquent in my postings. The course work seems to consume me. So be it! Here's the week 2 work and Marcia's comments. I will wrap up week 3 and post soon. The new week's work will be colorful--pastel, colored pencil and mixed media!

Good work, John. Nice eye for composition, good shape, you're observing well.

Often I like to see those times in which a drawing is somewhat spare -- as if one doesn't feel the need to include each and every little thing. In this case, I'm feeling that it may be spare, bordering on unfinished. If it's a piece you're invested in, I'd like to see a bit more detail -- perhaps more stippling, root hairs...

Good work here, and my comment is very similar to the one I just reviewed: a little light on detail.

I suspect that perhaps you are simply inclined more toward color -- you'd rather put your energy into the work of something like the pine cone piece, maybe? In any event, for the work you include for your portfolio, you'll want to devote a bit more time to shading, detail.

Your color chart is awesome -- you've stretched the opportunities of color combinations very nicely. From what I've seen in the work this week in this exercise, I think I have a new favorite medium -- not in terms of doing myself necessarily, but I like what students are doing with it. It has an incredibly graphic quality. I can't wait to see the piece you created with the pens.

John, I can sincerely say that in the years of witnessing your work, here it is: this is one of your finest piece to date, in my view. It's -- well, it's kind of perfect. I really like your choices of color, the simplicity of it.

It's a fine illustration, it truly is. Would you permit me to make a suggestion?

A friend of mine runs a company called [edited]. I'd like you to find it on the web. Look over the work, study the pieces they select. Perhaps when you've amassed some other work, you might send an inquiry, tell him how you know me, and that I encouraged you to submit a piece, this lovely cone in particular.

I am thinking as I'm typing that it might be an opportunity for all of you. Steve tends to focus on natural, local elements, indigenous to our area here in central NY. This piece really has me thinking....this course is very exciting as it's evolving. My brain is turning in a different directions here...


  1. Not knowing what the original assignment called for, it is hard to add anything to Marcia's comments but I too think your affinity for pure color always shines though; you bring a joy and radiance to those pieces in which you use it. So cool about that pinecone and where it might lead. Can't wait to see all the color coming in Week 3!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Oh, you are so right! After posting, I then remembered the assignment text! It will certainly help to have the context for the exercise. Week 3 coming later today and will include details!

    Week 3 is monochromatic still--charcoal, pencil and ink. I've been so delinquent in my posts... This new week (4) will include pastel and colored pencil.

  3. In on one of my flying visits to get your URL to recommend ... and this caught my eye and I just had to comment ... The pine cone looks superb, balanced like a Japanese print. The relationship between the relaxed, meticulous detail, the strong outline and the bare warm background seems very tactile to me. As with my past favourites it's the texture, delicacy, fragility and physical volume of the represented object that strikes me. This one is a delicious snow-cone :-) Exciting to read about the possibilities that Marcia is suggesting ...

  4. Katharine, nice to hear from you. What a lovely review... thanks! :-)