Monday, February 20, 2012

Abstract Mixed Media

One of this week's exercises is an abstract using any course media. I began on another exercise--pastel landscape--that slipped apart. This mushroom was originally going to be a mini landscape but slipped as well. Figured I might as well try for the abstract exercise! I'm having a hard time focusing. I just lost a very dear friend and I'm all over the place.

After posting last night I spent more time desaturating and darkening the background and adding layers of color.

Usually I push my work right up to the Cornell site. I'm learning to hold back. Sometimes fresher eyes a day or two later uncover areas that could use a bit of polish.


  1. I've not lost a dear one but I may be. A dear friend who had stood by me through the good and bad of times may be going to England for a 3-year study at the end of the year. She may get married by the time she comes back so I have literally lost a friend to go see a movie, a concert, you know those kind of things that only with a girlfriend you will thoroughly enjoy.

  2. This little mushroom just might be my most favortite thing yet that you have ever done... to me, it radiates emotion- perhaps a subconcious effect of how you are feeling right now, dealing with your loss for which I send my thoughts and prayers.
    ~ gretchen

  3. It's not easy, is it Zarina? But, one never knows what the future holds... In the meantime, enjoy your friendship! :-)

  4. Thank you so much, dear Gretchen. Indeed, if this piece could talk.

    I was under the constraint of my limited palette of homemade pastels. I may have to spring for a set! My blacks worked surprisingly well, blending gracefully with green umber for shadow.

    I was also trying to work in some old masters design principles as taught by Koo. Warms and cools. Lost (and found) edges--I got a good one on the right of the mushroom where the values line up.

  5. Sending you kindest thoughts John. It is so hard losing someone. I am glad you have found some purpose and solace in this lovely piece.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Judith. Much appreciated.