Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colored pencil work

One of this week's exercises involves autumn leaves with color blending and shading. I think I got into trouble with the background. Just now looking at it makes me think of reducing the chroma. That might help... Time permitting, I'll get back to it later this week. For now, I need to get a jump on the next exercise, a pastel landscape.

First impression of the Verithins is that they are hard! I'd guess about 2H.

This image comes from October 2009 blog work. I'm realizing just what a great resource I have for starter material.


  1. I was wondering how you were going to lke the verithins when you mentioned them in an earlier post- they are indeed one of the hardest colored pencils out there. Good ol' regular prisma colored pencils are down right buttery in comparsion; just like pastels, brands of CP will differ greatly in their hardness and softness; some have more wax, some have more pigment, etc. You will need to buy a couple of colors each of few different brands until you find your favorite(s). Check out Wendy Hollendar's site for her suggestions and a very good tutorial about botanical colorered pencil work here:
    (click on "art supplies" in her side bar to get the list of her 20 'basic' colors).
    ~ gretchen

  2. I ended up just keeping a point on the regular Prismas. I've read that the Verithins are good for sharpening edges. You know, I could find differences in the individual Prismas. Varying degrees of hardness, it seemed.

    I have Wendy Hollendar's books and had planned to go through her workbook but my head was turned by who knows what.

    There is a rose assignment with cp next week.