Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Closing In Day

I was up late into the night working the two exercises. Although spending most of the time on this rose, I did start ink washes for cast and contained shadows. More updates to come later in the day.

Here's a wrap on the oak piece. I ended up getting a slow start--dishes and laundry and groceries. Ugh!


  1. So much fun to see the exploration of different mediums; easy to be so influenced by color but your rose is truly a stunner! Also enjoyed enlarging the acorns and seeing the detailed line work in the caps.
    ~ gretchen

  2. There is something about working in many media that lets me focus more on light and form. That's the best I can describe at this time. It's like I know I've grown but I'm not totally sure yet how.

  3. Along with this, I had mentioned in my weekly course course journal that advanced planning was also being drawn out. So many media seems to shake things loose. My instructor loved that comment.

    I suspect educators like yourselves see the value of such a technique for guiding the student into a new perspective?