Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glazing Leanly

The previous session used hand-mixed paint and a lot of linseed oil for glazes. This session I used no extra oil, rather relying on a lightly charged brush of pure paint in the style of dry brushing. This kind of glaze, being lean, dries quickly. I find better control with dry brush glazing, getting lots of colors in without the paints mooshing together.

Not quite sure how I ended up with that upper left mess but I'll be cleaning it up next.


  1. I know this is meant to be an exercise in glazing, but I still think this little piece continues to radiate a very beautiful light. I especially like the subtle violet undertones along the left hand shoreline and bottom of reflcted sky (at least on my screen) which vibrate ever so softly against the warmth.
    ~ gretchen

  2. I was experimenting with vine black and lead white mixes as blue. Scumbled lightly above reds did bring in a hint of violet! In fact, after posting last night I added a good deal of various grays that seemed to make colors in general pop. Also did a couple of studies of ercalano red adjacent to grays. I'll post it all later this evening.

    That is an interesting and important point that you raise--complements for vibration. The preponderance of yellow does welcome that violet! Thanks so much for this!