Sunday, December 4, 2011

Glazing and filling in

Work continues...

Yesterday's glazes dried quickly, leaving me optimistic for more of the same today. Melendez seems to be in general a warm leaning painter and I tried glazing with various pigments to create warmth and build form on the fruit. Having a white or light scumble underneath the glaze brings out a bit of luminosity.

I've been using raw umber for my darkest darks but I think it's too cool, with a slight greenish bend. I glazed the umber with burnt sienna and like the results. (The upper left hand corner is a good example.) I will have to look through my box of pigments for burnt umbers. I so need to inventory my pigments!

Here's a view from one of Timothy's favorite perches, sitting on my piano while gazing out into the yard.

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