Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here is a set of before and after shots that hopefully show how I am working with edges, particularly with the top apricot. My hard edges do have their place but there is a subtlety and beauty to be had by varying the relative hardness and softness of edges.

Along with edge experiments I'm exploring glazing. First needing some light scumbling for a base, I'm applying light coats of transparent earths. As well, I am developing shadow with warm umber glazes. It's all a slow moving but satisfying process.

Radiant Oils glazing techniques for paintings that glow by Arleta Pech arrived today, filling me with inspiration. Right off, I picked up a great suggestion, photographing oil paintings with a polarizing filter to reduce glare. There's one on the way here. And of course, this book is filled with exercises and ideas for glazing from an artist who first worked in watercolor and then applied her glazing to oils. More on this book as I work my way through.

Before edge work and glazing

After edge work and glazing

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