Saturday, June 2, 2012


Have you seen this recent ArtPlantae Today article? Congratulations to my friend Valerie Littlewood! Her work as an artist, designer and educator comes together naturally as she entertains and educates us in the ways of bees and their ecological importance.

I first discovered Val's work with her leaf a day botanical illustrations from Leu Gardens in Orlando. See her past and recent work on the wonderful Pencil and Leaf blog.

Again, congratulations Val for well deserved recognition as ArtPlantae's featured guest artist!

p.s. Her cards, prints, book and original artwork available via the Waving Bee Press site.


  1. And hearty congratulations to Val from me too! So excited for her and can't wait to read more during "Pollinater Week".
    ~ gretchen

  2. Thanks to you both! I feel you are both such good friends now!.. I have been busy with a show and teaching all this week..which despite the good old UK weather went well.. collapsed for a bit of R&R this weekend, then back to the blog...and might even get those oils out!