Friday, May 4, 2012

Work Continues

I've been in a house cleaning frenzy all week long. The eventual outcome will leave me with a clean and organized home, and a working studio. I am already having an easy time finding art materials!

Today I take break from housework to catch up on a few projects. One block needed cleanup after I mistakenly painted the wrong value on a few cube faces and many blocks needed work from leftover fingerprints. I tried to be a little less sloppy and pay more mind today. :-)

Here's the setup for my first Bargue exercise. I pulled Plate 1 into Photoshop to properly size the images to 18 x 24". I'll be working with the sight size method for copying. I'm using a translucent support so that I can overlay and check my work. More on this later...

And lastly, oil washing continues. I'm testing out inexpensive plastic containers, rather than those glass canning jars that have all cracked. So far so good with the plastic.

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