Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oil Testing

Here's the beginning of a little oil test, nine samples as follows:

The first four from Natural Pigments:
  • Aged Linseed Oil
  • Pale Grinders Oil (High-Acid Refined Linseed Oil)
  • Vacuum-Bodied Oil (Low Viscosity, Linseed)
  • Sun-Thickened Aged Linseed Oil (handmade from above oil)
The next five from Jedwards International:
  • Cold Pressed Organic Linseed Oil (source oil for washed and reclaimed below)
  • Hand-Washed Oil - Batch 1
  • Hand-Washed Oil - Batch 2
  • Reclaimed Oil
  • Safflower Oil
Click image for a better view
Using cotton swabs I dabbed these oils across strips of masonite prepped with GAC 100 and Acrylic Gesso. Once the oils dry I will keep one in the sun, one in the dark. How long will each oil take to dry? Will it yellow, or even lighten, over time? We'll see. I'll be keeping watch and taking notes, presenting results from time to time.

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