Friday, November 25, 2011

Oil Cleanup

I've had some difficulties with oil separation, particularly with Lemon Ochre and Ercolano Red. I had an inkling that I might experience this as Natural Pigments grinds their pigments with linseed oil only. That is, no additives at all. From what I can gather, every other oil paint producer at the very least includes aluminum stearate to eliminate paint/oil separation. As an experiment, I've squeezed out a little less the half of each 50 ml tube, left behind any puddly oil, mixed with a palette knife, and loaded into 20 ml tubes.

I must note with emphasis that I am in no way complaining here. It's just the way it is. These paints are meant to simulate conditions that existed in the time of the Old Masters. Please see this Natural Pigments document for details. I am using these pigments for the pure pleasure and excitement of exploring times of old. There is lots more cool stuff from this period that I'm getting up to speed on, stuff that'll be coming out soon enough, especially now that this ratty old cold is finally slipping away!

Over time, will these new tubes display separation? If so, how long will it take to separate? We will find out!

Free oil in the Lemon Ochre.

Free oil leaked from this closed tube.

Ercolano Red mixed and ready for tubing.

All tubed up and ready to go.

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