Sunday, November 13, 2011

Color Swatches

Here's the MFA's Melendez image where I've sampled colors and build swatches. Lot of surprises! Didn't realize how wide could be the tonal range with the cloth and melon. That the cloth shadows are so warm. That front pear is so much more yellow than green. The red on the pears is a lower chroma than I'd expect.

It makes me think that I can model in the melon with a considerable range of tone before working in the webbing.

Another thing... I can try mixing colors with my small set of paints prior to actually painting.

This image was created using Photoshop CS5. If you'd like to know how it was done, drop me a note. It's not really difficult, just a bit tedious. Next time I'll make the swatches larger. Click the image for an easier to see view.


  1. This is freakin' brilliant! - Joyce

  2. I got the idea from rational Next time there will be larger swatches and easier to see pointers. But even as is, it was helpful as I painted into the wee hours of the night (morning?).

  3. waaaaay cool !!
    ~ gretchen

  4. Ya, it really helps me sharpen my eye. As well as larger swatches and better pointer lines, now I would add a b/w swatch to help identify tone. Not sure yet how to pull that off.