Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Copy Work

This work can be addicting! I was up almost all night on this one and the pears.


  1. The red worked! What splendid tomatoes they are becoming; I would like to take a sharp knife to them already, and some peppery new olive oil with fresh basil.

    The texture on the earthenware is very tactile already. Isn't it wonderful to be so caught up in a creation that sleep and food stop mattering? :-) Much vicarious pleasure here as I work on rather dull quotidian matters. Thank you as always for posting, and for posting so reliably for the more scatterheaded among us.

  2. The tomatoes are resting tonight, still a bit wet. Indeed, I am so captivated with my oils. Not only with the act of painting, but all the wonderful Old Master research as I delve into design principles, mediums, paint analysis... I'm in heaven. :-)