Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Collecting specimens during a New England winter is certainly not without its challenges, especially when one collects in the dark.

So be it. I do want to portray each local plant in all its seasons so things will work out here.

I'm trying out Bob's loaned camera but I think I'll soon be getting a new one of my own, something that I will feel better about investing my time and experience with. I'm not that pleased with the results here and know I can do better but I do want to stabilize with a tool that I can get to know.

I think what we have here is Solidago canadensis, Canada Goldenrod. I'll save some for later photos when I can illustrate some of the white tufts that nearly appear in this shot.

This second shot came off the scanner. I'll need to investigate this technique as well. The toolbox is filling up!

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