Thursday, February 27, 2014

I saw a bee!

There at my doorstep on Sunday morning, I saw my first bee of the season. It was the buzz of that little honey bee that got me flashing back to steamy hot summer days when my yard is alive with bumbles and honeys and other bee species unknown to me.

And it was then I remembered last year's intent to start up some bee beneficial plants. I had my seeds. Alas, I failed to carry through.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not merciless. I do have quite a few bee friendly species. Flowering crabapple, flowering quince, butterfly bush, lemon balm, holly, sweet pepperbush, goldenrod and jewel weed come to mind.

But it's actions that count, right? Ya, right! :-)

Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary seeds
from Johnny's Selected Seeds in Albion,  Maine.

A small flat, seeded with the above.
There are lots of seeds left over, so I may start up another flat soon. And if something goes wrong, come Spring there's always a trip to the local nursery where I can stock up with ready to plant herbs.

This post is dedicated to my good friend Val Littlewood.

Do spend a bit of time on her Pencil and Leaf blog. At the very least, you have to read this recent post. When you do, I can guarantee with certainty that the next time you see a bee, you will think of Val. And when you do, drop her a line and let her know. She loves a good bee story!


  1. John, You are a wonderful man! The bees and me are very grateful. It only needs a few more of us with like minds to make a difference! You are so right I do love a good bee story and how very nice to see such an early bee..and how
    very nice it is to get Nucketest back in my inbox!

  2. Awareness of our environment is critical, but for many people that won't lead to action. Demonstrating practical and easy methods to make a real difference might very well be key.

    Perhaps it's time for some solitary bee nests, eh?