Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another gift painting

Here's another little painting I recently gave to a friend. It was my first try at a Luis Melendez copy, just a little bit and rather incomplete at that.

A small piece of a Melendez
MDF panel
8 x 10 inches

I have a second copy that's more complete and a third just getting underway that's a full size version. We'll take  peeks at those later in the contexts of panel making and Old Master copying.


  1. Is that a salmon filet? Nice use of white.

  2. Yes, salmon. I'll soon be posting the original and copies under way. That'll help put this painting into context.

    Sometimes while looking at the photo, the white looks like icing rather than fish skin and scales! :-)

  3. Well executed.
    I saw the original and I think maybe you shouldn't change the composition: the position of the salmon it's a little bit odd for me.